Top 10 Reasons to Work at French Lick Resort

We like to think this is a pretty cool place to work. And we’ve got 10 reasons why you might like it here, too.

Whether you’ve made it a 2019 resolution to find a new career path, are looking to earn some part-time cash on the side, or it’s simply just time for a change or a fresh start, check out our list of Top 10 things that make French Lick Resort a great place to work.

One honorable mention reason before we get to the top 10:

• We’re always hiring: No need to wait around for something to open up. There’s always a handful of vacant positions we’re hiring for. Click here for the current list of openings, and follow this link to contact a recruiter.

#10: We’ve got options: French Lick Resort is a little community unto itself, so we have just about every job that’s needed to make a little community run. From cooks to cosmetologists. Maintenance staff to table games dealers. Whatever your area of expertise, educational background or work experience, there’s a job here to fit anyone and you meet and work with people from all walks of life.

#9: We have fun: Like when our entire housekeeping department squared off in the first edition of the Housekeeping Olympics a few months back. Sure, tending to 1 million visitors every year does require some hard work. But this is a place that our guests come to relax and have fun. And that kind of vibe makes for the ideal work setting – way better than your typical stuffy office.

#8: The company takes care of its associates: You never have to live in fear of layoffs here. In fact, we’ve always adding. There were 300 associates here prior to the mid-2000s renovation to the resort; there’s 1,800 associates now. And our upcoming addition of new guestrooms and a sports bar means we’ll be adding more than 100 new jobs this year.

And other special touches, such as having a huge luncheon for all associates at Thanksgiving and Christmas, let you know that you’re appreciated.

#7: It’s a great side hustle: Did you know French Lick Resort has more than 500 part-time or variable associates? From massage therapists to golf caddies to banquet staff, there’s a wealth of options for part-time work. Perfect for high school/college kids or retirees itching to get back out and work a little bit.

#6: Opportunity for advancement: If you commit to working your way up in the hospitality industry, French Lick Resort is a place you can keep advancing to a pretty high ceiling.

Heather Wells is a great example. You may recognize her if she drove one of the trolley buses you rode at the resort. Heather started on here as a variable shuttle bus driver, to earn some money to help her son through college. And in less than five years, she worked her way up to become Transportation Manager at the resort.

#5: Try something new: Are you a home cook who’s always thought about working in a professional kitchen? We could get you started as a base-level cook and provide some on-the-job training, even if your prior experience is limited.

Or, put your experience from a current or former job to work for use here. If you’ve driven a school bus before, you can drive a trolley bus here. If you’ve worked as a CNA or LPN, you might be a good fit for housekeeping. Got retail experience? You’ve got what it takes to join the front desk staff, call center or resort shops.

#4: It’s all about the benefits: There’s perks to every job, and here are some of ours: Profit sharing, matching 401K, employee discounts, a free fitness center and $2 meals in the employee dining room, just for starters.

Said one associate: “Working for Cook (the resort’s parent company) means that my family is a top priority. So the benefits are amazing.”

Click here to learn more about them.

#3: The Education Assistance Program: This falls under benefits as well, but this one deserves its own special entry.

The Education Assistance Program, open to all associates, offers up to $5,250 annually for resort associates to apply toward schooling – whether it’s a traditional college courses, or a welding or cooking class. Several associates at our spas, for example, have used the funding to attend aesthetician school or massage therapy school while they work. Even if it’s not related to your position and it’s just something you’re passionate about, the Education Assistance Program makes it possible to pursue it.

One of our associates who’s used the Education Assistance Program put it this way: “It’s like a $5,000 raise every year in free education.” Another associate asked about the best part of her job simply replied: Education Assistance Program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That’s 47 exclamation points, in case you’re wondering.)

Learn more about the Education Assistance Program here.

#2: We go big: Whether we’re surprising a guest with origami towel swans or helping a couple recreate an anniversary memory, we pride ourselves in being memory-makers overachievers, and caretakers of the legacy the Cook family started when they invested in French Lick Resort’s restoration. It feels like more than just a job, being attached to that Cook legacy. You feel like you’re part a part of something bigger.

#1: Taking in the beauty of the historic properties every day: We’re spoiled. We admit it. Coming to work every day at one of the great architectural and historic gems in the state – the nation, even – is a pretty spectacular privilege. And there’s a rush of satisfaction from knowing you play your little part in helping preserve and promote an amazing part of Indiana history.