5 Things to Know About the New Signature West Baden Mattress

Add this to the list of effects from the recent polar vortex invasion: Getting out of bed in the morning is a whole lot tougher than usual.

The frigid temps will flee back to Canada before too long, but here’s something else that will want to make you press the snooze alarm for as long as humanly possible.

In case you missed it, last week we launched the rollout of our West Baden mattress series produced by Bowles Mattress Company. Our guests have been asking for years how they can get their hands on one of these mattresses to sleep on in their own bedrooms at home, and now they’re finally here in retail locations throughout the region.  

What makes these mattresses so dreamy? Here are five things to know about them:

Why the craze over a mattress?
A couple years ago, the model of mattress in West Baden Springs Hotel guestrooms was discontinued by the manufacturer.

“The idea came: ‘Hey, let’s try and find someone in our home state of Indiana, and see what we can work out with a new mattress,” says Steve MacKinnon, the Director of Hotel Operations at West Baden. “We reached out to Bowles, and really from Day 1, our guests have loved it.”

Based in Jeffersonville, Ind. — about an hour’s drive east of West Baden — Bowles put together a premium product unique from any other model of mattress they produce. It’s good. As in recommended by a travel writer good. As in featured in USA Today good.

After that article last summer that mentioned West Baden being ranked No. 2 nationally for best sleep, even more requests started pouring into the hotel as well as to the Bowles headquarters. And with the demand escalating, the partnership between a pair of Indiana companies was born.

What makes it special?
All the mattress models (Classic, Premier and Presidential) in the West Baden line are hybrids, which is the fastest-growing category in the industry. That means they’re designed for both comfort and support.

Scott Armstrong, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Bowles, helps us to understand the science-y part of what makes these so cozy.

“In the Presidential and Premier models, we have three coil spring systems in it. We have a hotel grade spring, then we have two layers of springs that establish almost 5,000 springs in a king size and almost 4,000 in a queen,” Armstrong says. (And for comparison, average coil counts are around 875 for a king and 725 for a queen.)

“In addition to that, the performance materials used in these are gel-infused memory foam, latex and micro coils. Those are very high-end products that are raw materials that go in not only for comfort and support, but the longevity of the product.”

What’s the difference between the models?
The Classic is the one that’s been in West Baden Springs Hotel guestrooms since 2015 and earning rave reviews. That’s going to have a bit firmer feel than the others.

The Premier is a perfect middle ground — a little more plush and soft than the Classic, but a tad firmer compared to the Presidential.

And as you get up into the Presidential, it has all the elements of a super plush but supportive mattress.

Also, all three mattresses are also adjustable friendly and can go on an adjustable bed.

 Some of the Bowles Mattress team were on hand with retailers for the recent launch of the mattress series — and they even left the different mattress models in the atrium for the next two days for guests to test out themselves. 

How do I know it’s a good buy?
Take it from MacKinnon. He doesn’t just talk the talk with these mattresses that are in the rooms of the hotel he manages. He walks the walk as well.

“I don’t think I can give a better testimonial than to say I’ve had one in my house for three years now,” Steve said.

Where can I buy it?
Head to one of the 25 furniture and bedding retailers in southern Indiana and Kentucky:
Bowles Factory Direct Stores in Kentucky and Indiana:
4 locations in Louisville plus 1 in Jeffersonville and Evansville
Also in Indiana:
Bear’s Furniture Gallery (Madison)
Dixon’s Furniture & Bedding (Tell City)
Furniture World (Mitchell)
Glidden Furniture (Terre Haute)
Interior Furniture (Washington)
Long’s Mattress - Indianapolis area (locations in Avon, Carmel, Castleton, Columbus, Fishers, Franklin, Greenfield, Greenwood and Noblesville)
Marvin & Toni’s Bargain Barn (Ferdinand)
Miles Home Furnishings (Martinsville)
Stahl Furniture (Bloomington)
Also in Kentucky:
Best Furniture Gallery (Fort Thomas)
BG Home Furnishings (Bowling Green)



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