Capping Off the Summer with Interns

French Lick Resort hosts several college interns and International students every summer. When it came to coordinating the second year of the end of summer Capstone Project (which took place July 27), the interns at French Lick Resort approached it all hands on deck.

HR Intern Jacob Peterson could be seen stopping at every table at the event, checking in with fellow associates asking how their experience was going. According to Jacob, Ball State University Business Administration major and lead intern coordinator of the Capstone Project, this "incredible event was tasked at the beginning of the summer, we starting to plan mid-June. We all took on the Cook motto of 'Ready, Fire, Aim' to approach this massive project and the overall goal was to successfully serve 1,700 French Lick Resort associates." That goal was definitely successful with the help of fellow interns from all over the world. Heavily relying on their experience all summer from shadowing Food & Beverage managers, everyone pulled together for an incredible second year of the Intern Capstone Project.

Left to right: Shelby, Kyla, Madison and Lauren
As the summer has come and (almost) gone, Food and Beverage Interns Shelby (IUPUI student studying Tourism, Conventions & Event Management) Kyla (studying Hospitality & Tourism at Purdue), Madison (Radford University Tourism and Special Event Management student) and Lauren (graduate student studying Communication Information at Ball State), the opportunities have been plentiful and realistic with their summer experience at the resort. This Capstone Project held on July 27th was a second nature to them, being a "combination of what we've already been doing all summer," Shelby stated.

Food and Beverage interns have been shadowing managers all summer, and this event was beneficial for them to lead on their own. Kyla pointed out that "it's rewarding to pull [an event like this] off without managers!" As for Madison, it's been an eye-opening internship, getting hands-on experience that's well-rounded and beneficial for the future. "They truly want you to succeed here; everyone I've come across has been so welcoming and friendly." The other ladies agreed. Lauren added that this event came together smoother than she imagined, since there has been so many intern students planning it most of the summer.

Plate full of Bulgarian and Romanian specialties 

Iva and Yordan
Two countries were represented with International students-Bulgaria and Romania. Iva, a Bulgarian student studying Environmental Technology and Yordan, studying Engineering, both enjoyed preparing Bulgarian specialties for French Lick Resort associates to sample. They agreed that the entire experience was beneficial and exciting-especially since this was both their first summer interning at the resort.

Iulia, left and Diana

From Romania and also French Lick Resort first-timers, Iulia who studies Aerospace Engineering and Diana, studying Journalism both appreciated being apart of an event to showcase their country and preparing Romanian foods for fellow associates to enjoy.

Congratulations to all of the students that interned here this summer on an amazing event!

Classic Romanian dessert, Papanasi
French Lick Resort associates ready to enjoy the meal

Written by: Elle Humbert