10 Reasons Why Preservation Matters

By Joy Neighbors

West Baden Springs Hotel
Today brings Preservation Month to a close. Whether you call it conservation, maintenance or sustainability, preservation is the perfect way to keep our cultural past alive for this and future generations to discover.

Here are ten reasons why preservation matters to each of us.

1. Older buildings help us maintain our sense of history in an area or region. It gives us our roots. 

The Lobby of French Lick Springs Hotel

2. No pre-fab construction here. Historic buildings were built with better quality materials, just look around and you’ll see the difference.

3. Regardless of what some developers say, older buildings are cost effective with tall windows to let in lots of natural light, thick walls to hold in heat and large open space that let air circulate.

4. Older buildings are economically green. Why tear down just to rebuild? Redesign and reuse –it’s the ultimate form of recycling.

5. Architecture offers us the chance to interact and   experience the past. It is through older buildings that we can also experience “another place and time."

Photos of Angels Hand Painted High Above the Atrium

6. What secrets lie behind that façade?  Stunning discoveries have included hand painted murals, intricate brick and mortar, Italian marble … you never know what may be just behind that 1990s redo.

    7. While big box stores love their, well, big boxes, it’s 
       been proven that small sole proprietors and  mom and   pop’s benefit when they locate their businesses in older buildings, thanks to the  ambience of the past and a nod to preservation.

8. Older buildings attract visitors. People want a sense of history – to see a place with a spirit and soul.

The Atrium at West Baden
9. Historic buildings help us remember our past and those who came before. They become our collective memory.

10. Once a building is gone – it’s gone. There’s no do-over on this decision.

French Lick Springs Hotel

Visit French Lick Resort for a look back at the intriguing times of the late 19th to mid- twentieth centuries. Tours of each hotel are offered daily. Step into our hotels and you'll understand why preservation matters.