Love is in the Air

Doreen and Joe: Prom 1970
Last autumn Joe and Doreen Trimboli came to the resort to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. Back in 1970, when the couple started dating, they had no idea that it would be almost 40 years before they finally tied the knot. Joe still remembers the first night they met. “I went to a dance at Methodist church. I saw this good-looking girl with green eyes and red hair, and she stole my heart.”
Doreen laughed as she said, “We got along well and we dated – eventually we went to the prom together. But that summer, my family moved away from Mishawaka, Indiana. I lived all around the country, and it wasn’t until 2001 when I came back to take care of my ailing parents, that Joe and I reconnected, with some help.”

Doreen and Joe on heir wedding day
Help came in the form of Joe’s sister, Jenny who was a manager at a mortgage company where Doreen worked. Jenny encouraged Joe to call Doreen, and after some sisterly prodding, he did. “I thought he wanted to apply for a mortgage,” Doreen said, “so I took all of my mortgage forms when I went to meet him. I was totally focused on work, and he had other business in mind.” But things progressed smoothly from there and on November 27, 2006, Joe and Doreen eloped to Las Vegas.

Joe and Doreen at French Lick Resort in November
Last fall, as their tenth anniversary approached, the Trimboli’s decided to do something different. “We wanted to celebrate our 10th, which is 70 years in dog years, someplace special,” Doreen said. Dog years? “We started telling people we were married in dog years since we started so late.”
Joe continued the story, “Doreen and I were looking for a getaway and her brothers suggested French Lick Resort. They had been to a golf tourney during the summer and said how nice it was.” But, Joe was apprehensive at first, “I was a school administrator back in the 1980s and I had seen the hotel when Sheraton owned it,” Joe said. “The place was dilapidated. Doreen and I checked it out on line and it was a very pleasant surprise. I thought I had been everywhere in Indiana, but to find a gem like this was very satisfying.”
French Lick Springs Hotel Lobby
Doreen continued, “From the time we stepped into the lobby (of the French Lick Springs Hotel), it was amazing – there was such attention paid to details – chandelier, gold trim, paintings, it made us feel like we were in Europe. It was very regal, and the staff at the front desk were gracious and knowledgeable.”
Joe agreed, “The hospitality was terrific, and everyone was happy to be there.”
Will it take another milestone event to bring them back? “We absolutely will be back,” Joe said. “In fact, we’ve already discussed it with our families and we’d like to plan a reunion with relatives from Texas, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.”
 “We had a marvelous time,” Doreen said. “It would definitely be worth another trip!”
By Joy Neighbors