National Day of the Horse

Stables Ranch Hand and a Resort Horse
Today, December 13, is National Day of the Horse. The resolution to establish this day was passed in 2004, designed to encourage Americans "to be mindful of the contribution of horses to the economy, history, and character of the United States."

Resort Horses Enjoy the Snow
At French Lick Resort, we’ve kept our historical ties to horses. At The Stables, guests can enjoy a trail ride along eight scenic miles of horseback riding paths. We have 27 horses on property and all have undergone two years of training to be “guest-ready.” 

Hitched and Ready
Our Stables Ranch Manager Doug Stevens has spent his life in a saddle. That means he has learned that he has to take the time to understand each horse. “At French Lick Resort, the horses are employees, too. They have sick days, they might be tired, and they have bad days. You have to learn how to read them and pay attention to what they’re telling you,” Doug said. And at the resort, we only employee those horses that display a trustworthy nature calmness and gentleness.

Our Large Carriage
If you’re planning a visit to the resort, be sure to include a trip to The Stables. Settle back in the saddle for a mind-clearing trail ride, enjoy a family carriage ride through the grounds or just stop in for a friendly chat and a chance to meet some of the sweetest employees around.

By Joy Neighbors