A Resort to Call Their Own

The Schuler clan on the steps of the French Lick Springs Hotel
According to Laura Schuler Shade, “the memories that we have made at French Lick Resort are priceless.” The five Schuler children, like many, grew up with loving parents who supported them through the roller coaster of skinned knees, team tryouts and the heartbreak of first loves. Family always came first in their household and that was evident in photographs they took through the years – often at French Lick Resort. The Schuler clan began visiting when their vacations to far-away locations with three daughters, two sons and their growing families became increasingly impractical. It seems, for the Schulers and other families that the resort is the perfect place to unwind, unplug and reconnect with one another. 

Allen & Janet Schuler
in 1875: The Steakhouse
Each December for the past several years, Allen and Janet Schuler have been organizing their family’s annual Fourth of July weekend sojourn. Allen did most of the planning. His love of the property inspired him to share it with his employees and his family. With a loosely scheduled itinerary the family always has a blast. Play is the order of the day, whether the men are in the casino or the kids are at the KidsFest playground. Live music on the veranda, swimming pools, bowling and pizza really tucker out even the youngest “Schuler.”

The only formal activity on the schedule is when all 14 adults and 17 children converge on the silver room in 1875: The Steakhouse. While the extremely well-behaved children (as noted by resort staff) enjoy themselves, the adults have their conversations and inside jokes to keep themselves and long-time servers David and Mimi amused. David speaks very highly of the Schulers. “They have a great sense of humor and really are wonderful. They include us in conversations and treat us like family.” David and Tom O’Connor, Food & Beverage Manager at 1875 could not say enough nice things about the Schuler family and Allen in particular.
It’s that welcoming atmosphere that keeps guests like the Schulers coming back year after year. Our bell staff, servers, housekeeping and front desk folks see tens of thousands of people yearly but they easily remember returning visitors by name. The memories made by resort guests are memories made for the employees as well.
The Schuler family is
featured in our Summer newsletter

Shades’ children have been to French Lick so many times with their grandparents that they refer to the resort as “mamaw and papaw’s French Lick.” They definitely have Allen’s love for the resort. The kids even play “French Lick” like other children play house or grocery store. “We are looking forward to [visiting again],” said Shade, “but it will be difficult because dad will only be with us in spirit.” Allen made sure this year’s July 4th reservations were made before he passed away in January.

What an amazing legacy Allen Schuler has left his children and the resort. We are honored that he loved the property so much that we became a part of the fabric of his family’s story and they a part of ours.

We will all miss you Allen!