Operation Lucy

The first alert came in at 8:37 a.m.
Nicholas’  beloved dog disappeared during our stay at West Baden L. We stopped at the front desk and asked if she had turned up at lost n’ found but were told she had not been found. So sad…we’d love to get her back!

Operation Lucy was launched moments later. Employees from around the resort rallied around the search and rescue effort to find the well-loved puppy who had somehow wandered away from four-year old Nicholas.
Just look at the photo, how could you not be moved by the adorable picture of the bright-eyed blonde boy clutching his trusty companion?  
As employees dispersed to check under beds, in the bowling alley, even in the bathrooms, you could hear them sharing their story of a beloved childhood animal and the trauma of losing it, or imagining if they had actually lost it. Talk about a shared connection, this one really tugged at all of our heartstrings.

Surely that's not Lucy in the Santa display
We were bound and determined to find Lucy; no bed was left unturned, no elevator unchecked...someone suggested checking the surveillance photos...wait, that wasn't...was it? Surely that's not Lucy in the Santa display!

Was Lucy truly lost or perhaps, was she enjoying her adventures throughout the resort? We will let you decide!  



In the end, all that really matters is that Lucy was....

We owe a big thank you to Steve in our laundry department who finally recovered Lucy when she got caught up in one of the towels from our Spa. The temperatures were pretty frigid at night so we can only surmise she crawled up in the towel to get warm. Little did she know she would get an unexpected trip to our laundry department!

All is well that ends well, Lucy is now on her way home via Fed-Ex!

Safe Travels Lucy! We will miss you :)
Your Friends at French Lick