Dieting Tips from 1931

Came across this gem today in some of archives. Titled "How to Slenderize the French Lick Way," this 1931 booklet was written by Dr. William Fitch, Medical Director of the French Lick Springs Hotel.

It contains nuggets of wisdom like Constipation is the avowed enemy of the slender waistline. Neither diet nor exercise can bring satisfactory results unless you enjoy good health. And you can't enjoy good health unless you maintain proper daily bowel elimination.

Of course, it is a marketing piece for the French Lick Salts, which contain all the essential and important properties found in these highly-mineralized therapeutic a handy-sized package...inconspicuous..convenient to carry or keep..and pleasant to take.

 I just love the accompanying photo!

A bit harsh at times, one of my favorite sections is under the heading a Tearful Earful. It goes a little something like this...And now, before you begin, look yourself over in the mirror. Gaze on that excess poundage that's you've been hoarding so shamelessly.

Pay no attention to your husband, who will tell you that he does not like this women. The deceiver! It's his jealous disposition. He may not want you too attractive.

Topsy Turvy Pedaling, Try Out for the Chorus and Try Twisting, It's Fun are just a few of the recommended exercises.

But what's the key to Slenderizing Success? French Lick Salts, of course!

 French Lick Salts has, in the words of a famous dietotherapist (who knew that was even a word), the ability to "caress while correcting-like a mother training her child"