You've Been Asking; A Look at Our First Re-opening Plan

Dear Valued Guest, 

We are touched by how much the resort means to you. We have been fielding re-opening requests since voluntarily shutting down in mid-March and the volume picked up significantly following Governor Holcomb’s “Back on Track Indiana” plan. 

It’s easy to understand the pent-up demand. A lot of people have been thinking about that first trip they would take after things improved and just waiting for the moment they could book a stay. Memorial Day has traditionally been one of our busiest weekends of the year and we could likely fill the hotels. But not this year. We are making the choice to be very methodical about the way we re-open all segments of our business.

The first step in our multi-layered approach began on May 15, with a limited amount of overnight golf guests. For the next phase, West Baden Springs Hotel will open for overnight leisure guests Memorial Day weekend. 

Again, this will no way be a sell-out, and this is intentional. We are limiting our occupancy to 30% of our total inventory. By opening with an occupancy restriction, we can focus on our stringent safety protocols and allow space for safe social distancing. The resort continues to take reservations for stays beginning July 1 for all guest segments at French Lick Springs Hotel, Valley Tower and West Baden Springs Hotel. We have not received specific indications of how or when the casinos in Indiana will be permitted to re-open. We will await guidance from the Governor and appropriate approval of our re-opening plan from the Indiana Gaming Commission.

Shortly after the resort shutdown in Mid-March, teams set out to develop a health and safety master plan. Stringent cleaning protocols were developed; new safeguards like temperature checks and facial masks were implemented and spaces were reconfigured to allow safe social distancing. You can read about our detailed plans here. 

We understand that travel is a personal choice and after choosing to stay home for a few months, you likely have safety concerns about your next travel destination. I want to let you know that we are here to listen. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have. Also, as we continuously refine our master plan, we would love to hear any suggestions you may have. 

Lastly, we also wanted to remind you that we have relaxed our penalties for cancellations. You have the flexibility to make adjustments right up to your arrival. 

Thanks for your continued support. As always, we consider it a pleasure to serve you.


Chuck Franz
Cook Group Vice President


  1. So looking forward to coming to our "second home". We have no doubts about staying at the hotel as we know the way you do things first class the safety of guest will be first class.

  2. Peyton and I are so ready to come back to French Lick.


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