A Holiday Engagement

A Holiday Engagement

On a cold November evening, alone in West Baden Spring Hotel’s gazebo, Tyler Braun proposed to Jessica. The setting, inspired by his memory of a documentary his grandfather shared of the famed hotel, evoked the pitch-perfect combination of romance nestled into historic charm – a love he and Jessica shared as much as the love they shared for each other.

In Tyler’s mind, the famous spa seemed a kismet destination for his proposal to Jessica. Not only had it been on his mind for years after seeing a film depicting its renovations, transforming it from a forgotten ruin to its original gild and charm, but his parents had honeymooned at its sister hotel, French Lick Springs Hotel.

The video travel blogger (vlogger) knew from his memory of the film that the hotel and its grand gardens offered the perfect place for Jessica (also a travel blogger) and him to begin their adventure as husband and wife.

Tyler knew he was going to propose to Jessica on that November. He’d already asked her parents’ for their blessings and purchased the ring. But he wasn’t sure if he’d get the chance to pop the question at West Baden or not. The couple routinely took weekend trips, and that weekend Tyler presented Jessica with two travel destinations—West Baden Springs Hotel or a cabin in the Smoky Mountains. Luckily, she chose West Baden—not only for its beauty and luxurious setting, but because she too had longed to visit the resort.
Both Tyler and Jessica are history enthusiasts, and West Baden Springs’ historical significance, as well as the combination of character, elegance, and grace resulted in their stay being one of the most memorable in their history of travels. (Getting engaged didn’t hurt either). “The hotel melds perfectly old world magnificence with modern style and sleek innovation,” Tyler said. “It’s the perfect destination no matter who you are. The resort itself takes care of the opulence, the staff takes care of the friendliness.”

Let Tyler and Jessica inspire you to choose the romantic West Baden Spring Hotel as your engagement or honeymoon destination by viewing their engagement video (youtube.com/user/tylertravelstv). For more information on weekend getaways or honeymoon packages, visit frenchlick.com/hotels/packages.