"Fore" (x2) Reasons to Catch the Action of the Legends Championship

Looking for something to do August 15th – 17th? The best gig going is the second annual Legends Championship Tournament at French Lick Resort benefitting Riley Hospital for Children. Here are eight reasons why you should watch these lady linksters in action.  

Jane Blalock prepares for her next shot

Nancy Lopez signing autographs
Economics 101 – Going to watch match play is economical. By comparison, attending an NBA game with courtside seats could set you back in the neighborhood of a couple thousand dollars, but a grounds pass to The Legends Championship is just $10 per day or $25 for all three days. Buy the NBA ticket if you want, though good luck getting LeBron to say “hi” – or autograph your program.

R.O.I. – The return on your ticket investment is greater than any other sport. Football, baseball and basketball lack in the “minutes of action per dollar” category with approximately 12 minutes of actual action in an entire game. Providing that each shot lasts roughly five seconds and a golfer shoots par – that equals 12 minutes of action each round!
Take a sneak-peek – Seize a rare opportunity to explore the latest golf equipment you’ve been dying to try without paying the equivalent of the gross national product of a developing country to do so. Walk the course and see how the pros play it – an invaluable lesson prior to calling your foursome and setting a date.
Get a little fresh air – The Pete Dye Course at French Lick is built on the second highest point in the entire state of Indiana and generously shares a 30-40 mile panoramic view in all directions. Carved out of a hilltop in the Hoosier National Forest, this is “the best” nature has to offer and sure beats the recycled air of an indoor sports stadium on a sunny day in August.
Family-friendly event
Get a move on – Walking the golf course alongside the greatest names to ever play the game is a real workout. This is what qualifies golf as a sport and its players as athletes. There might be some IcyHot in your future, but if 75 year-old Joanne Carner can do it, so can you.
Quality time – Slather on the sunscreen and take your favorite little duffer to see how the big kids do it. Nothing grows the game like sparking someone’s interest from a young age. Introduce them to Ashtyn Brown, a good role model and a real up and comer in the sport – someone to follow until she plays in The Legends and beyond.

Lisolette Neumann thanks the volunteers
Proximity to greatness – Probably the absolute most-cool thing about seeing golf in person is how up close and personal you can get with the players. Sure you might be able to see the ball better with a view from the La-Z-Boy in front of the TV, but you’ll miss out on everything else. These competitors can do so much more than hit a little ball into a cup. Jan Stephenson is very engaging, funny even. And you just might get a “John Hancock” or two.

Shop ‘til you drop – Plenty of golf specific paraphernalia to browse, try-on and purchase. You’ll find everything from custom golf-themed art to jewelry, apparel and more. What a great way to remember your trip to see The Legends Championship at French Lick Resort.

For tickets to this year’s event, contact our reservations representatives at 888-936-9360 or visit our the website

Kristie Smith