French Lick Resort - A Feast for the Eyes

Guest Blogger -- Megan Johnson

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and there is no doubt that many will soon be feasting on a smorgasbord of delectable dishes guaranteed to satisfy those appetites for the familiar and comforting flavors of fall. However, indulging in culinary delights shouldn’t be the only way you engage your senses this holiday season. Want my recommendation? Visit French Lick Resort - where you’ll not only satiate your palette, but your visual cravings as well. With breathtaking sights and spectacular views of the fall colors, this premier resort destination is a downright veritable feast for the eyes.

Located in the small scenic town of French Lick, IN, French Lick Resort has something for everyone. While staying at either one of the resort’s two historic hotels, guests are transported to a world of luxury and relaxation. The resort offers several activities, including golf, spa treatments and shopping, to name a few. But, if it’s a front row seat to the fall foliage you want then I highly recommend a trail ride at The Stables.

The Stables at French Lick Resort
Situated at the end of a gravel road near the West Baden Springs Hotel, The Stables offer guided trail rides ranging from 45 minutes to two hours in length. Whether it’s for a family of five or an intimate group of two, a trail ride is an ideal way to take in the beautiful fall colors of French Lick while traveling along the timber filled terrain on horseback. 

After learning about the trail rides at The Stables, I knew I would want to experience one for myself. After all, what could be a better (and more fun) way to capture some of the resort’s vibrant autumn scenery than on horseback? So, with camera in hand and boots on my feet, I made my way down to The Stables.

I made friends with all the horses
Upon my arrival, I was greeted by the friendly staff and introduced to my wonderful guide, Jade. Next, I met my ride – a sweet and striking grey horse that went by the name of Lilly. Having ridden horses at a young age, I was more than thrilled to be back in the saddle, and was immediately flooded with memories of sweet nostalgia. Quickly, I brought myself back to the present and with a swift kick of the heels, we were on our way.

Underneath a canopy of color
Just as I expected, the trail ride did not disappoint. Following Jade along the narrow path, I found myself under a canopy of color. Every hue of red, orange and yellow imaginable was visible. With pops of coral mingled with crimson sparkling in the sunlight, it almost looked as if the foliage was on fire. 

Riding such a well-behaved horse (thank you, Lilly) allowed me to safely snap away at some of the surrounding scenery.  Upon our return to The Stables, I was met with sweeping views of horses grazing against a rustic backdrop of the colorful rolling hills. In my mind, this scene will always serve as the quintessential picture of fall. 

If you’re looking to experience these fall colors firsthand like I did, then strap on some boots and saddle up at The Stables for an enjoyable tour of the trails. For those who wish to sight-see sans saddle, there are plenty of options to take advantage of around the area as well:
  • Take a cruise on Patoka Lake where you’ll be treated to unspoiled views of the lake’s beautiful fall foliage.
  • Climb aboard the French Lick Scenic Railway and ride through portions of the Hoosier National Forest, the 2200-foot Burton Tunnel and impressive limestone cuts.
  • Make a tee time at Pete Dye Course and witness stunning panoramic views from one of the highest points in Indiana.
French Lick Resort has all you could need (plus more) to feed all five senses this season. Plan a visit to the resort today so you can start feasting your eyes on the beauty of French Lick.

To book your visit to French Lick Resort, call 888-936-9360 to speak to one of our representatives or visit    

At The Stables, reservations are strongly recommended in order to accommodate your experience to ensure availability of horses and/or other stable activities. To make a reservation, call 812-936-5546.