Great Guests, Amazing Stories=Lifetime Memories

Every day we are privileged to hear amazing stories of personal connections to the resort like the bride who just had to get married here because she has visited every year since she was five, the estranged sisters who reconnected at the resort following their father's death and the cousins who traveled from all over the country to have a family reunion. We are captivated with these stories of lifetime memories and have decided to start sharing them with you.

Our first entry is from guest blogger Steve Rondinaro a former television anchor, who has recently joined the Marketing staff. As you will see, he definitely has a knack for storytelling.

The Basore Family
One of the highlights of Memorial Day Weekend 2011 at the resort was meeting the Basore family… the whole bunch of them. I was MC’ing our games on the lawn and meandering about meeting and greeting people. I saw this gentleman wearing a World War II veteran’s hat rocking on the veranda of the hotel with his wife and engaged them in conversation.

I asked Ralph about his service and he told me of his time in the Pacific Theatre. He was in some of the toughest island fighting against the Japanese and was gracious enough to answer my many questions about that part of the war. (I’m a student of history and in awe of the men, like my father, who went off as teenage soldiers and won that war in the name of freedom.)

As we ended our conversation, I thanked the Basores for spending their Memorial Day Weekend with us. Norma quickly said, “Well we’re really here to celebrate our 65th wedding anniversary and my husband’s 89th birthday. And we brought the whole family!” Added Ralph, “We got talking about it and decided the kids could divide up the estate after we died or we could take some of the money and do something fun as a family now. We’ve always enjoyed this place and decided to share it with the whole clan. So here we are.”

I would later meet the whole clan. In fact several of them competed in one of our old-fashioned cake walks and darn if one of them didn’t win. The cake provided a fitting desert for one of their Basore family dinners.

Ralph later sent me a very special book that told the story of his time in the war. He signed it and I feel very honored to have it. I’ve made some special new friends. When Norma sent us some pictures, she included this note: “The family enjoyed our stay there so much. Such wonderful memories! And you made them even more special.”

We can't wait til the Basores come back to celebrate Ralph’s 90th birthday and their 66th anniversary!