Magical Martinis Under the Dome

I had just heard about this new book called The Two Martini Diet: How I Lost 100+ lbs While Eating Well and Having a Drink. and then the meeting request came in "Martini Tasting at the West Baden Springs Hotel." Did I read that right? Heck ya, count me in on that meeting!

You better bet I showed up at the hotel last night at 5 o'clock on the dot. The promise (ha ha) of losing weight and enjoying some libations sounded like a win-win to me.

Okay, I guess I should include some disclaimer about how West Baden's new Martini menu has not reviewed by the Food & Drug Administration and we cannot say that a two-martini-a-day diet during your stay will result in any significant weight loss. However, I can say the new assortment of colorful concoctions are quite tasty.

Just ask my fellow colleagues who were also "forced" into sampling the dozen new selections. Amanda Hawkins Vogel, VP of Operations gave her top vote to the Caribbean Gold Martini featuring Malibu Rum, Banana Liqueur and OJ.

Ted, the traditionalist, ordered his favorite, the Dirty Martini. A classic, for sure, but Ted this is about all the new drinks.

When pushed on the matter, Ted agrees with me that the new West Baden Signature Martini was the best. I do have to admit that I was originally drawn to it because of its pretty blue color but one sip confirmed it tasted as good as it looked. Warning: This one packs a punch with the super-premium 1800 Tequila.

Other interesting selections include the Apple Pie, Kentucky Mint and Key Lime. For the full menu, stop in at West Baden and ask to see the dozen, or so, options now available.

We'll even throw an incredible view of the amazing dome for free!