Bring on the Bubbly..French Lick Resort Hosts Korbel Photo Shoot

We have been fortunate enough to have some pretty cool photo and video shoots on property over the past few years. So, when the fine folks at PriceWeber asked if they could use French Lick Resort as a backdrop for Korbel’s next print ad campaign, we said certainly!

With the ability to shoot anywhere in the world, why did Korbel choose French Lick? Robert Trinkle, PriceWeber Account Supervisor, said it best, “Shooting here made perfect sense for us. There are so many unique and romantic venues in one place. We are able to shoot a variety of different looks without having to travel outside of the resort.”

The three-day photo shoot kicked off yesterday at the West Baden Springs Hotel. There are a series of vignettes including a cocktail party, girlfriend getaway and, of course, wedding shots.

Although not couples in “real life”, the models did a good job of fooling West Baden guests. Many onlookers thought they were couples actually tying the knot.

It wasn't the first time Ohio-based models Melissa Scalia and Justin Korn were “married” for the sake of advertising. Check out the couple in a recent ad for Pringles and in this behind-the-scenes shot from yesterday. I loved hanging out with the group that included models from across the country and beyond. Poor Natalia Komissarova (who is actually from Ukraine) didn’t even arrive until 2 a.m. the night before.

You would never know it from this early morning photo (That’s her in the silver dress). Also in the photo are Anji Corley, a radio personality from D.C. and Tom O’Connell originally from nearby Louisville, Ky.

It was fun to see the whole production come together. I learned all kinds of tricks-of-the-trade including how they make the champagne look its best for photos and other random things that make multiple "takes" possible.

For instance, this set-up called for the model to toss her bouquet of the balcony.

What you don’t see off-camera is model Nate Switzer catching it four floors below.

Nate then hands it off to Joe Humphrey who puts it in the bucket to be hoisted back up to the balcony.

The entire group has been really great to work with and a lot of fun. I can't wait to see the final product and when I do, I can say "Hey, I was there!"